Who to Call When You’ve Been Charged With a DUI

DUI/DWI are crimes committed when a person drives while impaired by alcohol or under the intoxication of legal or illegal substances. When found committing such offenses, the police are likely to apprehend you and charge you in a court of law. In the event of DUI/DWI arrests, there are things that you should do and others that you should completely avoid so as to be on the safe side. Below are the things you should do when arrested for a DUI or DWI offense.

Pulling Off to the Side of the Road

In case the police arrest you for DUI/DWI charges, find a safe place to pull off your vehicle as you wait confrontation from the officers. Pull off from the main road and park your car a little distance from the road to remove the obstruction to other vehicles.

Obedience to the Officer

When arrested for a DUI or a DWI, make sure that you obey what the officers tell you to do. Be very polite in the way you address them. Avoid many arguments with the officers as this could only make the situation worse. Just oblige and be very cooperative with whatever they ask you to do.

Do not be quick to make any movements

If arrested for DUI/DWI crimes, do not be quick to make many suggestive movements. It will only increase the suspicion that you are trying to escape, and it will make matters more complicated than they already are at that moment.

Do Not Speak Without Your Lawyer Present

Remember you are not sober at this time, and hence you might not be able to make informed judgments. It will do you a lot much good to incriminate yourself. You are given the right to remain silent. This will be the best option until you can discuss your case with a qualified attorney. Erlinda Johnson Law, Bramer Law Offices, and Angella Arellanes are all good choices in lawyers to call in the New Mexico area.


It is very probable that you will undergo a series of tests. These tests show the level of alcohol that you have taken or any other intoxicating substances. At times, it’s wise to refuse undergoing the tests until you reach the police station.
When faced with DUI/DWI charges, always contact your lawyer to represent you in court. Get a trusted lawyer who understands the law, as well as your rights. The court may order your license suspension. However, your lawyer through the stipulated procedures may help you regain your license. Using the MVD Express to pay fines is a good way to avoid lines. Services like Optimum DMV have refined the DMV proccess. Other punishments that the tribunal is likely to impose on you include fines, payment of statutory fees and jail sentence.
Your attorney can help you by seeking that the court releases you on bail services. Help Bonding and A Pacheco Bonding are good services to call in the Abluquerque area.The criminal attorney can bail you out through placing a bond. The surest way to avoid the DUI/DWI charges is to ensure that you do not drink and drive or take intoxicants and drive.