Nationwide legal representation for accident victims

Whether you have been involved in a fire or motorcycle accident and have suffered injuries as a result, hiring a lawyer is in your best interest. Law Offices of Hans R. Hailey, and Law Offices of Edward A. Shamis, Jr, J.D., P.C. are lawyers that specialize in various areas of personal injury cases. When you decide to hire a lawyer to pursue a claim regarding pedestrian accidents or fire burn injuries, a lawyer can obtain compensation for you. A lawyer can help you navigate the complex area of law that governs uninsured claims.

Pedestrians may find that they become involved in accidents where the other driver does not have insurance. In these types of cases, a pedestrian is able to pursue a claim against uninsured motorists. A person will be able to file an uninsured motorist claim with his or her own insurance company. A lawyer can help a person fill out the paperwork that is required for making this type of claim.

Whether you have suffered fire burn injuries or injuries as the result of a motorcycle accident, you can face tremendous costs. Perhaps you have suffered an injury while working as a construction worker. Your claim would be covered under the field of construction law in that event, and a personal injury lawyer can still assist you. You do not deserve to pay for medical bills and surgeries that are not your own fault. A personal injury lawyer can help accident victims such as yourself in claiming the compensation that they are entitled to receive.

When you have suffered injuries from an accident, make the call to a personal injury lawyer who can help you. You can find nationwide legal representation to help your case. You can schedule an initial consultation meeting to find a lawyer who is ready to take on your case and negotiate a settlement with insurance companies.

As you pursue a settlement for your case, be aware that some insurance companies will try to prolong the payment of funds to cover your fire burn injuries or car accident injuries. If you are currently dealing with this situation, then a lawyer can help speed up the process and hold the insurance companies accountable for the compensation that they owe you in your case.