Steps To Take Following a Car Accident

 An unfortunate reality in life is that everyone, at some point, is involved in an auto accident. Those first moments after an accident are crucial to your health and well-being. Unfortunately, after an accident everyone involved is probably not thinking as clearly as they should. This blog post will provide a basic list of steps you should take after an auto accident. 

After being involved in an accident, your adrenaline will be racing and your nerves will be frayed. The following tips are some common sense tips, but also wise advice to keep in mind following an accident: 

  1. Safety First

    : Stop your vehicle. If at all possible, move your vehicle out of traffic lanes and to the side of the road. When your vehicle is secure, check for injuries among yourself and passengers. If you or any passengers are injured, do not move. Dial 911 immediately and wait for an ambulance. If you are uninjured and it is safe to do so, check on the other driver(s) and again dial 911 if there are any injuries.  

  2. Exchange Information

    : You’ll want to call the police for a police report, but before they arrive, you’ll also want to exchange information with the other driver. Albuquerque and Santa Fe car accident attorneys may recommend you exchange the following information: full name, address, phone number, insurance information (including company, policy number, and expiration date), driver’s license number, license plate number, and the make, model, and year of the other person’s vehicle.  

  3. Take Notes

    : If later you must contact an Albuquerque personal injury attorney as a result of your accident, you’ll want pictures, notes, and contact information for witnesses. This can help an attorney determine what kind of case you may have by being able to look at some of the initial evidence.  

  4. Inform Your Insurance Company:

    Your insurance company will look at your accident claim and communicate with the other driver’s insurance company. Insurance companies will generally offer you a sum of money for repairs and medical expenses. Before you settle, contact an Albuquerque or Santa Fe personal injury lawyer to review the facts of your case and ensure you’re getting a fair settlement to help you get your life back on track.   

 The actions you take after an auto accident are crucial. You want to ensure your safety and get immediate medical attention for any injuries. After the accident, it can take time to get your life back on track and you may need the assistance of a Santa Fe or Albuquerque personal injury lawyer to help you seek any possible compensation you may be entitled to.

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