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Causes of Auto Accidents

The United States Census Bureau reports that in 2009 there were nearly 11 million accidents across the country. Even though car manufacturers have been focusing on making vehicles safer, the number of accidents has not been going down as anticipated. The most common cause of a car accident is driver error, which potentially could have been avoided. Seeking an attorney, like DiSandro & Malloy, PC, can best suit your needs in the event you experience a driver error accident. However, here are some of the top causes of automobile accidents and injuries:

1. Rear-Ending: Rear-ending someone occurs when one car crashes into the back of another. Nearly 1/3 of all auto accidents fall into this category. The most frequent reason for rear-ending someone is due to distracted driving from activities such as changing the radio station or looking at a cell phone. The best away to avoid this type of accident, which can cause a chain reaction and involve more than two cars, is to keep your eyes focused on the road and stay vigilant. Having an attorney, such as the Law Offices of Edward A. Shamis, Jr., JD, PC, in your corner can help when such accidents occur.

2. Hitting a Parked Vehicle: It might surprise you that plenty of accidents occur when someone hits a parked car. This can be avoided by knowing the size of the vehicle you are driving and checking blind spots multiple times. Look over your shoulder and check both your rearview and side view mirrors. Don’t park in a spot that is too tight for your vehicle and if you can’t fit between the lines with a bit of space on the sides for doors to open, it’s better to park in a more open spot to prevent an accident.

3. Speeding: Speed limits exist for driver protection. Lower speed limits might be in place due to terrain, curves, hills or other geographical factors. Speeding puts other drivers at risk and makes it easier to lose control of your vehicle.

4. Wild Animals: Hitting wild animals can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Hitting a fox, raccoon, deer or other animal can break parts of your vehicle and cause thousands of dollars in damage. It’s even more detrimental if you drive a car that sits lower to the ground.

If you do end up getting involved in an automobile accident and suffering injuries such as lacerations, broken bones or worse, it might be beneficial to seek out a lawyer, such as Hinkle Law Offices, that focuses on personal injury law and accident cases since they’ll have the most knowledge about the topic to represent you.

Accident Causes and Seeking Compensation

From the moment that a driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, an accident can take place in the blink of an eye. Even those that are especially careful about their driving may find themselves in a number of collisions throughout the year, and these can often result in injuries and serious damage. When an accident does occur, it is vital for all those involved to understand when it may be time to contact car accident lawyers, like Edward A. Shamis JR. J.D. to receive fair compensation.

After paying into a car insurance policy for years on end, drivers hope that they will receive fair compensation when an accident does occur, but this is not always the case. In today’s society, vehicle and semi-truck accidents take place at an alarming rate and many drivers find themselves not receiving compensation for sustained injuries, damage to their vehicle, pain, suffering, time off work, and any other expenses. These accidents are often caused by distracted driving, and depending on the state, two or more parties could be found responsible.
Female Driver Making Phone Call After Traffic Accident
The first thing to remember after distracted driver accidents occur is to record as much information as possible. While the experience may seem unnerving, collecting information in those earliest stages can become invaluable, especially if the accident results in a civil trial, settlement, or out-of-court mediation. If the individual that is responsible for the accident has their insurance company contact the other driver, it is important to find an attorney before speaking with them. Insurance providers are for-profit organizations, and this means that they will attempt to settle cases as quickly as possible. By settling early on, these companies can often save themselves thousands, but the victims of the accidents could be struggling with compounding costs for years on end.

Medical bills remain the number one cause of bankruptcy, and this means that any accident that has caused an injury is not something that should be left up to chance. Whether it is a multi-car pileup or common texting accidents, even those that feel as if they are not seriously injured may find themselves with aches and pains that are stemming from serious medical conditions. Without the proper medical treatment and legal defense, from Kurasch & Klein, Ltd., victims can quickly become overwhelmed from even a single accident.

Accidents may be common, but no driver should attempt to take on insurance providers or the legal system alone. With experienced attorneys, DiSandro & Malloy, PC, drivers can rest assured that they will receive fair and adequate compensation to move on with their life.

Accident representation from Southern attorneys you can trust

When you have been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, it is your right to receive compensation for your injuries and the damages that you sustained. In order to have the best chance at receiving a settlement or jury award, it is important to hire a Southern attorney that you can trust to act in your best interest. Skilled personal injury lawyers are often familiar with a wide variety of cases. Young Firm is one of the top of the line firms for all your legal needs.

Southern personal injury attorneys often help with maritime accidents. The nearby Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and other bodies of water are common places where boating accidents occur. The Jones Act is in place to provide compensation to individuals who are injured while working on a boat, including fishing boats, commercial boats and Merchant Marine boats. The Jones Act is similar to Workers’ Compensation but is only applied to offshore boating injuries. A skilled attorney can help you complete all necessary forms and comply with deadlines in order to increase your chances for compensation.

Personal injury claims often revolve around automotive accidents. As cell phones have become more prevalent, car accidents that are attributed to texting have increased. A texting accident lawyer can help victims that have been injured from another’s distracted driving. A skilled attorney will ensure that he requests all necessary documents in the discovery process, including copies of the defendant’s phone records and messaging logs. With this evidence in hand, an attorney can help prove that the other driver was acting in a negligent manner by texting and driving. Motorcycle crashes are another form of automotive accidents and they often lead to severe repercussions. A skilled attorney can help a victim receive motorcycle crash compensation, including damages for medical expenses, anticipated future medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering.

The services of an electrocution lawyer can be retained when a person or business maintains a property in an unsafe state. When an electrocution occurs, the victim may also have a products liability claim if a defective product caused the injury. A skilled personal injury lawyer will investigate your claim and help you navigate the legal system.