Accident Law

Causes of Auto Accidents

The United States Census Bureau reports that in 2009 there were nearly 11 million accidents across the country. Even though car manufacturers have been focusing on making vehicles safer, the number of accidents has not been going down as anticipated. The most common cause of a car accident is driver error, which potentially could have been avoided. Seeking an attorney, like DiSandro & Malloy, PC, can best suit your needs in the event you experience a driver error accident. However, here are some of the top causes of automobile accidents and injuries:

1. Rear-Ending: Rear-ending someone occurs when one car crashes into the back of another. Nearly 1/3 of all auto accidents fall into this category. The most frequent reason for rear-ending someone is due to distracted driving from activities such as changing the radio station or looking at a cell phone. The best away to avoid this type of accident, which can cause a chain reaction and involve more than two cars, is to keep your eyes focused on the road and stay vigilant. Having an attorney, such as the Law Offices of Edward A. Shamis, Jr., JD, PC, in your corner can help when such accidents occur.

2. Hitting a Parked Vehicle: It might surprise you that plenty of accidents occur when someone hits a parked car. This can be avoided by knowing the size of the vehicle you are driving and checking blind spots multiple times. Look over your shoulder and check both your rearview and side view mirrors. Don’t park in a spot that is too tight for your vehicle and if you can’t fit between the lines with a bit of space on the sides for doors to open, it’s better to park in a more open spot to prevent an accident.

3. Speeding: Speed limits exist for driver protection. Lower speed limits might be in place due to terrain, curves, hills or other geographical factors. Speeding puts other drivers at risk and makes it easier to lose control of your vehicle.

4. Wild Animals: Hitting wild animals can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Hitting a fox, raccoon, deer or other animal can break parts of your vehicle and cause thousands of dollars in damage. It’s even more detrimental if you drive a car that sits lower to the ground.

If you do end up getting involved in an automobile accident and suffering injuries such as lacerations, broken bones or worse, it might be beneficial to seek out a lawyer, such as Hinkle Law Offices, that focuses on personal injury law and accident cases since they’ll have the most knowledge about the topic to represent you.

Types of Car Accidents

Each auto accident has its own set of circumstances. They can happen in accordion-like traffic on the expressway, on an interstate highway, a side street or a mall parking lot. Some types of accidents are more common than others. When these types of accidents occur contacting an attorney, such as Moffett Law Firm, P.C., can always help so that your compensated properly.


These occur when the front end of one vehicle impacts into the rear end of another vehicle. They’re usually caused by the driver at the rear following the vehicle in front of it too closely. They might also involve distracted driving when traffic ahead of a driver was stopped, and the driver didn’t become aware of it because their attention was focused on something else.


Also known as side-impact or T-bone collisions, they can occur when the front of one vehicle impacts with the side of another vehicle. They might also result from losing control of a vehicle and impacting with a fixed object like a tree or telephone pole. Injuries in these crashes are usually more severe than in the rear-enders.

Head-on collisions

Most often occurring on two-lane roadways, the head-on collision occurs when the front ends of two vehicles impact with each other. These accidents are the cause of the most car accident deaths. In cases like these contacting an attorney from DiSandro & Malloy, P.C. can help with the proper presentation that you may need to get you the compensation you deserve.


These are multi-vehicle collisions that sometimes involve 10 vehicles or more. They’re usually seen with winter ice and/or snow whiteouts. Intense fog also contributes to these crashes. Some vehicles in pile-ups are hit more than once, increasing the likelihood of serious injuries for the vehicle’s occupants. Damage to the various vehicles is different because some of the drivers lose control and spin. Other drivers might exit their vehicles and increase their own risk of serious injuries.

Single vehicle crashes

New and inexperienced drivers are more likely to be involved in single vehicle crashes. These usually involve a vehicle leaving the roadway and hitting a stationary object or rolling over. A single vehicle crash is often a distracted driving accident involving the use of a cellular device. Contacting a distracted driver attorney, like Berenson & Associates, can help with the proper presentation when such accidents occur.

Other types of accidents involve sideswipes and driving in reverse. They’re often overlooked.

Accident Causes and Seeking Compensation

From the moment that a driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, an accident can take place in the blink of an eye. Even those that are especially careful about their driving may find themselves in a number of collisions throughout the year, and these can often result in injuries and serious damage. When an accident does occur, it is vital for all those involved to understand when it may be time to contact car accident lawyers, like Edward A. Shamis JR. J.D. to receive fair compensation.

After paying into a car insurance policy for years on end, drivers hope that they will receive fair compensation when an accident does occur, but this is not always the case. In today’s society, vehicle and semi-truck accidents take place at an alarming rate and many drivers find themselves not receiving compensation for sustained injuries, damage to their vehicle, pain, suffering, time off work, and any other expenses. These accidents are often caused by distracted driving, and depending on the state, two or more parties could be found responsible.
Female Driver Making Phone Call After Traffic Accident
The first thing to remember after distracted driver accidents occur is to record as much information as possible. While the experience may seem unnerving, collecting information in those earliest stages can become invaluable, especially if the accident results in a civil trial, settlement, or out-of-court mediation. If the individual that is responsible for the accident has their insurance company contact the other driver, it is important to find an attorney before speaking with them. Insurance providers are for-profit organizations, and this means that they will attempt to settle cases as quickly as possible. By settling early on, these companies can often save themselves thousands, but the victims of the accidents could be struggling with compounding costs for years on end.

Medical bills remain the number one cause of bankruptcy, and this means that any accident that has caused an injury is not something that should be left up to chance. Whether it is a multi-car pileup or common texting accidents, even those that feel as if they are not seriously injured may find themselves with aches and pains that are stemming from serious medical conditions. Without the proper medical treatment and legal defense, from Kurasch & Klein, Ltd., victims can quickly become overwhelmed from even a single accident.

Accidents may be common, but no driver should attempt to take on insurance providers or the legal system alone. With experienced attorneys, DiSandro & Malloy, PC, drivers can rest assured that they will receive fair and adequate compensation to move on with their life.

Why Hiring An Attorney After An Accident Is Essential

When a person gets involved in an accident, the first priority is getting the best medical care available. Once the immediate medical concerns are addressed an injured person and their family need to consider the legal aspects surrounding the accident. Many times the injured party is not at fault for the accident. This prompts many people to seek out an attorney and sue the person at fault and their insurance company.

When it comes to injuries, cars, trucks and motorcycles are usually the cause. For this reason these types of accident victims should seek out a good motorcycle accident attorney or car accident lawyers like DiSandro & Malloy PC. These types of lawyers are easily found by their websites. Another good source of information on this type of lawyer is through the local bar association.

Many times an accident involves a boat, or some sort of injury that occurs on the water. An injured person in this situation should seek legal advice from a maritime lawyer. These lawyers specialize in injuries that happen on waterways. These lawyers take cases that involve small boats, wave runners, cruise ships, etc. In short, if an injury occurred in or around water, a maritime lawyer like The Young Firm can handle the case.

Another situation where a lawyer is needed is when medical conditions get worse because of negligence. The world of medicine is always changing with new procedures and medicines coming to market all the time. Many times a physician will attempt to use these new procedures without enough training, or even any training at all and can lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit. Many times this situation leads to worsening a current medical problem, or even causing some new problems.  Seeking the help from attorneys like Berenson & Associates can help lessen the stresses of these problems.

Many times the above situations can lead to a death. This is when a wrongful death attorney should be consulted. People die all the time because somebody along the line is negligent. Having an attorney that specializes in these types of cases is essential for a favorable legal outcome.

An accident can leave a person permanently injured. This has the potential of limiting their choices in life. Anybody involved in an accident should immediately consult an attorney. A good attorney can protect a person’s legal rights, and help with any monetary compensation.

Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Here is a sentence that should be tacked on every vehicle dashboard: “Eyes OFF the road is a bad thing; but an eye ON the road still doesn’t mean the road is safe.” Considering the state of drivers today with all the electronic gadgets available, it should come as no surprise that an estimated two in every 10 drivers on the road; city streets or major freeways, is either operating a mobile phone or texting while driving. C’mon folks we’ve all seen them at one time or another and age presents no barrier. Distracted driving can be an equal opportunity killer on the highways day or night.

The signs are obvious even for the novice driver who is NOT talking or texting while behind the wheel. The driver may give the appearance of a DWI (driving while intoxicated) weaving back and forth while at the same time, fumbling for a phone number or text address. Or the driver heavily engrossed in a conversation pounding their steering wheel in obvious frustration then slowing down for no apparent reason. However the distracted drivers that are the easiest to spot are those ahead of you stopped at a traffic light talking on their phone; dreamingly unaware that the light has turned green.

Your hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road do not present any 100% guarantee you’ll miss something in front or behind you; think “inattention blindness.” Drivers who appear to be paying attention can actually be distracted. If this “path of destruction” continues at the pace it’s going, legislative bans on texting while driving as well as a ban on using any wireless “gadget” while driving for drivers under 18 may become a law. Basically it’s a call to these young people to stop engaging in these thoughtless behaviors before some accident that could have been avoided, kills somebody. Perhaps it is time to stop waving the white flag, throw down the gauntlet and stop this nonsense once and for all.

Distracted driving in any form be it a DWI, texting while driving or on the phone is an accident waiting to happen. If you have been the beneficiary of a vehicle accident by distracted driving, it would appear, on the surface, that you would have a plausible legal action case worth pursuing. Contact the specialists at these firms, Kurash & Klein, Ltd. or Cooney Law Office, PS, to help you with the legal ramifications of your case today.

Legal Help You Can Get When in an Auto Accident

Being involved in an accident is never a pleasant experience. It can be any type of incident, from a Sherman truck accident, a watercraft accident, as well as one of the many various forms of auto accidents such as fender benders and rear end collisions. Bad experiences come in all different forms. If you ever are in an accident, the first few things that need to be done are to assess if anyone involved in the accident needs medical attention, then dial 911 to call for an ambulance and to contact the police for assistance. If the accident happens out on the water, you will need to notify the local water patrol or the Coast Guard if assistance is required.

If the accident happens in New Mexico, you’ll be able to get exceptional legal help from an Albuquerque auto accident attorney. This person is a licensed New Mexico lawyer who can provide you with the legal advice and representation you need anywhere in the state. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you might need an experienced maritime law lawyer like The Young Firm or maybe an auto accident attorney. A New Mexico lawyer like Berenson & Associates, PC knows and practices both the state and the local laws that apply in the jurisdiction where the accident occurred just as much as a Louisiana lawyer can.

An experienced auto accident lawyer from the Law Office of Benjamin Hancock will analyze the merits of your case based on a number of factors such as police reports, pictures of the accident scene, medical reports and any witness statements. Your Albuquerque attorney can act on your behalf with all of the parties connected with the accident, to include the other party’s insurance company and attorney.

When you are the victim of someone else’s negligence, you do not need to worry about your rights regarding justice and compensation for damage to your property, lost wages or any costs you have incurred due to any personal injury. Your lawyer will calculate how much you may be entitled to receive in an effort to make you and your property whole, or as close as possible to your pre-accident condition.

Laws are continuously being amended, updated or re-written. It’s not reasonable to expect you to know when these changes occur. Being knowledgeable of all the latest laws and regulations which could impact your case is the valuable service that an accident attorney can provide to you. Don’t suffer in silence; engage a highly qualified Louisiana, New Mexico or Texas accident attorney as soon as possible following an accident.

Reality of day to day car accidents

Accidents of various types happen every day on the streets that we frequent regularly. Simply venturing out into one’s community poses a small risk of being involved in some sort of physical injury. This includes accidents involving a car, bike, bus, work truck, semi trailer or other moving vehicle. When one is involved in any kind of accident, it is likely that one will suffer physically, mentally and financially. Physical injuries take time and effort to heal. During this time, injured parties must pay for costly medical services as well as take time off of work. If the injury is severe, family members may also find themselves missing work in order to care for their loved one. If one is involved in an accident, it is important to seek advice from a personal injury attorney.

After one has been involved in an accident, Philadelphia experienced lawyers of DiSandro & Malloy PC who specialize in accident law can help a client maneuver through the legal process. Accident lawyers like Donald A. Shapiro, Ltd. are dedicated to litigating cases that involve injured parties. They have experience pursuing cases that originate from car motorcycle accidents, bus accidents and other types that commonly occur on our streets. One benefit of hiring a car accident lawyer is that clients receive continuous guidance throughout the duration of the case. Lawyers will keep the client abreast of any settlement offers that are presented by the insurance company or opposing party. The lawyer can help a client receive prompt medical care with no out-of-pocket costs. Typically, injured clients only pay for services if the car accident lawyer is successful in obtaining a financial settlement at the conclusion of the legal process. Ultimately, hiring an accident lawyer after one suffers physical injuries in an accident can greatly reduce the amount of stress that one endures while trying to figure out how to be compensated for his or her injuries, lost time and suffering.

Unfortunately, the variety of accidents that commonly occur is vast. There are many bicyclists who hit the streets on a regular basis either for commuting or for leisurely rides. Not all motorists are vigilant while sharing the road with bicycles, and accidents occur. Large trucks inevitably run into smaller vehicles. This could be due to contributing factors such as driver impairment or bad weather. Regardless of the cause, a truck accident lawyer from Martinez, Hart & Thompson , P.C. can help clients obtain compensation that they deserve.

Nationwide legal representation for accident victims

Whether you have been involved in a fire or motorcycle accident and have suffered injuries as a result, hiring a lawyer is in your best interest. Law Offices of Hans R. Hailey, and Law Offices of Edward A. Shamis, Jr, J.D., P.C. are lawyers that specialize in various areas of personal injury cases. When you decide to hire a lawyer to pursue a claim regarding pedestrian accidents or fire burn injuries, a lawyer can obtain compensation for you. A lawyer can help you navigate the complex area of law that governs uninsured claims.

Pedestrians may find that they become involved in accidents where the other driver does not have insurance. In these types of cases, a pedestrian is able to pursue a claim against uninsured motorists. A person will be able to file an uninsured motorist claim with his or her own insurance company. A lawyer can help a person fill out the paperwork that is required for making this type of claim.

Whether you have suffered fire burn injuries or injuries as the result of a motorcycle accident, you can face tremendous costs. Perhaps you have suffered an injury while working as a construction worker. Your claim would be covered under the field of construction law in that event, and a personal injury lawyer can still assist you. You do not deserve to pay for medical bills and surgeries that are not your own fault. A personal injury lawyer can help accident victims such as yourself in claiming the compensation that they are entitled to receive.

When you have suffered injuries from an accident, make the call to a personal injury lawyer who can help you. You can find nationwide legal representation to help your case. You can schedule an initial consultation meeting to find a lawyer who is ready to take on your case and negotiate a settlement with insurance companies.

As you pursue a settlement for your case, be aware that some insurance companies will try to prolong the payment of funds to cover your fire burn injuries or car accident injuries. If you are currently dealing with this situation, then a lawyer can help speed up the process and hold the insurance companies accountable for the compensation that they owe you in your case.

Auto Accidents that Require Legal Representation

Car accidents are certainly not all the same. You generally hear about fender benders on the interstate in the mornings during your commute. Unfortunately accidents do happen, but when car accidents happen as a result of reckless and negligent behavior, you may have a legal case.

While there are no guarantees to compensation, after an auto accident you’ll want to contact an Albuquerque auto accident lawyer to review your case. If your accident was a result of recklessness, you may have a legal case. Here are some examples of reckless or negligent behavior that can cause car accidents:


While most people never admit to it, virtually everyone has sped at some point in time while driving. A “harmless” five miles over the speed limit may not seem like a big deal, but this reckless behavior can have serious consequences if it causes an auto accident. If you were injured in an accident that was determined to be the result of speeding and reckless driving, contact an Albuquerque or Santa Fe personal injury attorney. They can review your case and may be able to seek compensation for any injuries sustained due to this reckless driving.

Cell Phones

Cell phone distractions are becoming commonplace in American society. It seems everyone is always talking or texting while driving. Any use of a cell phone without a hands free device is illegal in Albuquerque and Santa Fe and is negligent behavior. While fender benders during rush hour happen, if they are the result of someone being distracted by their cell phone, this reckless behavior may be cause to seek legal representation. If you were injured in a car accident by someone using their cell phone in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, personal injury lawyers can represent you in the event of possible legal action against the reckless driver.

Driving Under the Influence

Unfortunately, driving under the influence is an epidemic in New Mexico. Despite tough DUI laws, these accidents happen frequently and with tragic results. Albuquerque and Santa Fe personal injury attorneys can represent you if you’ve been injured as a result of a DUI car accident. DUI is one of the most extreme examples of recklessness and negligence and if you’ve been injured in one of these accidents, a personal injury attorney can review your case and may be able to seek legal compensation on your behalf for medical bills and pain and suffering.

No single auto accident is like any other. With some accidents, there is no legal recourse because some auto accidents are just that. But if further investigation reveals the accident was a result of someone else’s recklessness and negligence, an Albuquerque auto accident lawyer can represent your interest and try to win compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Steps To Take Following a Car Accident

 An unfortunate reality in life is that everyone, at some point, is involved in an auto accident. Those first moments after an accident are crucial to your health and well-being. Unfortunately, after an accident everyone involved is probably not thinking as clearly as they should. This blog post will provide a basic list of steps you should take after an auto accident. 

After being involved in an accident, your adrenaline will be racing and your nerves will be frayed. The following tips are some common sense tips, but also wise advice to keep in mind following an accident: 

  1. Safety First

    : Stop your vehicle. If at all possible, move your vehicle out of traffic lanes and to the side of the road. When your vehicle is secure, check for injuries among yourself and passengers. If you or any passengers are injured, do not move. Dial 911 immediately and wait for an ambulance. If you are uninjured and it is safe to do so, check on the other driver(s) and again dial 911 if there are any injuries.  

  2. Exchange Information

    : You’ll want to call the police for a police report, but before they arrive, you’ll also want to exchange information with the other driver. Albuquerque and Santa Fe car accident attorneys may recommend you exchange the following information: full name, address, phone number, insurance information (including company, policy number, and expiration date), driver’s license number, license plate number, and the make, model, and year of the other person’s vehicle.  

  3. Take Notes

    : If later you must contact an Albuquerque personal injury attorney as a result of your accident, you’ll want pictures, notes, and contact information for witnesses. This can help an attorney determine what kind of case you may have by being able to look at some of the initial evidence.  

  4. Inform Your Insurance Company:

    Your insurance company will look at your accident claim and communicate with the other driver’s insurance company. Insurance companies will generally offer you a sum of money for repairs and medical expenses. Before you settle, contact an Albuquerque or Santa Fe personal injury lawyer to review the facts of your case and ensure you’re getting a fair settlement to help you get your life back on track.   

 The actions you take after an auto accident are crucial. You want to ensure your safety and get immediate medical attention for any injuries. After the accident, it can take time to get your life back on track and you may need the assistance of a Santa Fe or Albuquerque personal injury lawyer to help you seek any possible compensation you may be entitled to.